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Why would you want to become a sponsor? Well, simply put, it would be to ensure the continued success of Contemporary Quilling's website, forums, and all that these features have to offer.

Sponsorship means you want to support CQ with all the little things that go on behind the scenes. This could be the monthly hosting fees, website maintenance, and module subscriptions for starters.

But beyond that it will mean allowing us to add more content and great ways for you to interact with each other in the future.

A major goal of ours is to offer a yearly competition with prizes. Sponsorship will make this a reality.

Another goal is to create a newsletter and organize regional meet and greets (or potentially an annual conference).

We want to create the fullest content and offer the highest quality services for you, and sponsorship will enable us to do just that.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click the link below.

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