What is Contemporary Quilling?

Quilling is an art that has endured the centuries. While most references cite its emergence around the Renaissance era, some go beyond this by implying that its been around as long as the days of the Egyptian empire, at least in one form or other.*

Just like with painting and sculpture and other great artforms, quilling has undergone a transformation over time.

Here at Contemporary Quilling we strive to embrace the changes quilling has undergone and recognize the importance of them and how they are continually shaping this amazing artform.

Whether you use traditional techniques and shapes or focus on the more modern styles such as boucle and edgework, you have come to the right place. We are all quilling connoisseurs here and our artwork and forms of expression run the gamut.

So, if you find yourself strangely addicted to gluing paper on its edge as opposed to it's back, we think you will love it here. Our community is growing larger every day and there is a spot waiting to be filled - just by you!


What makes something excellent? To me it's going above and beyond what is simply necessary. In the context of quilling it's constantly finding ways to improve your artwork.

For an artist to achieve excellence they have to be willing to grow, to try new things, to challenge themselves. They must never be satisfied with mediocrity, and always be hunger for something better and bigger and more wonderful.

Excellence has an important place on in our philosophy at CQ because we hope that our members will always strive for excellence in their work.


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines integrity as, "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values," and it is within those artistic values and morals that we show our true selves. To show integrity can be one of the hardest things to do as at times it can be easier to just do what others have already done. Tapping into our own creative is difficult and we often get so caught up in the details that we forget what we set out to do to begin with. What someone created yesterday is not nearly as exciting as what you can create today!


Everyone in life needs to make connections. In art, that’s how we learn and grow as an artist. In real life, distance and time sometimes prevent us from finding those people who enjoy the same things such as quilling. However, through the internet, we can connect with persons all around the world at any time of the day. Whether you are a beginner who is just getting started or someone with years of experience, we all can learn something new. That is where Contemporary Quilling comes in… we are opening a door so that you can meet fellow artisans who share the same passion for quilling.


In prehistoric times, people drew on cave walls. This led to Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. By today, this painting has been copied and parodied so successfully, that we are blasé about it. With today's technology, we are quick to discover how artists are experimenting, not wanting to reproduce or be like someone else. Flowers, butterflies, greeting cards, jewellery and scrolls are all worthy achievements. What else can you quill besides these? If you want to stick with the more traditional quilling, how else can you make it that is different from how you've been doing it so far? Can you think of something completely different, not seen much around the quilling world? For me it's a dream to invent something completely unique. Let's all have a go.


Our aim is to explore the endless possibilities that paper can offer. With a vision to expand our horizons and augment the quilling forms, CQ is focused on the development and promotion of the art of quilling. We encourage quillers to learn the traditional art and then break the rules to challenge those traditions. Artist or amateur, we all need to develop and hone our skills. CQ offers a platform to split open the stagnation of traditions and emerge as a contemporary platform_ a fresh voice.